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Welcome to ReThink Energy Florida!

Science Saturday

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ReThink Energy will be having a booth at Science Saturday on October 3rd starting at 10 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. It is a fun, family-friendly and FREE event that will be held at Lake Ella! There will be over 70 organizations participating in the events. Some of them are....

American Society of Engineers    
Apalachee Beekeepers
Be The Solution
Big Bend Leon Association of Science Teachers (BLAST)
Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency
City of Tallahassee Department of Environmental Policy and Energy Resources

City of Tallahassee Utilities Services

Challenge Learning Center

and so many more!

Bring your kids and learn about science together! Find us at the event and say HI!

International Coastal Clean Up 2015

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We, the REF volunteer crew, were excited to be a part of the International Coastal Clean Up Day, which was established by Ocean Conservancy 30 years ago. We knew this year is the big 30th, so that made it more special to us! We went out to Bald Point State Park in the morning and signed our names into the volunteer list. The ReThink Energy Florida Board Member, Melissa Forehand, brought her handy knowledge and enthusiasm in cleaning up the beach with us. They handed us trash bags, gloves, and data sheet to record trash data. It was a beautiful sunny day with the temperature ranging between 70s - 80s. 

Equipped with our trash bags and data sheet, we ventured out to a boating entry nearby the sign-in point. We were thrilled to get started as we were curious to see what type of trash we were about to find. We have heard of horror stories of people finding certain types of trash that are not suppose to be in the beach, but in a biohazard trash can! Fortunately, we did not find any of that. 

Instead, we mostly found small food wrappers, food packages, grocery plastic bags, beverage bottles/cans, along with a couple of individual sandal. What a fascinating find! At a quick glance, the beach did not seem dirty but when we looked closer among the marsh grass, there were a lot of small trash there. It did not seem much but with all of our trash collected together, it filled up 6 trash bags!

It was exhausting in a day's work, but we left the beach with a smile on our face, knowing that we left Bald Point State Park a cleaner place.

We will do it again next year! We would like for you to join us to combat trash and leave our legend...wait for it...DARY Florida beaches a CLEANER place!

Intl Coastal Clean Up Volunteer Team

Last Updated on Monday, 21 September 2015 13:49

Fracking in Florida?


Join The Fracking Ban Movement Today!

Fracking ImageFracking and other unconventional oil and gas extraction methods pose serious health and environmental risks to the state of Florida, including large portions of the Florida Everglades. It has already happened in Florida at least once, but there is a large and dedicated group of people who want to make sure that it doesn’t happen again, and we need your help too!

Please see below for more information on how you can get involved...

It's Our Birthday!

August marks 5 years since we came into existence!

As part of our celebration, we are kicking off our Sustaining Friends Program! We invite you to be an inaugural part of program, as well as to attend our Birthday Party on August 27, 5:30-7, at Waterworks, 1133 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee!

Sustaining Friends of ReThink Energy Florida will pledge to support us on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis at a level they can afford! Three hundred Sustaining Friends giving $10/month would enable us to have paid staff, to expand our headquarters a bit (those of you who have visited us know we have a single office which sometimes houses 10 people!), and to make sure we are getting the word out to Floridians about the opportunities for renewable energy!

Will you be one of those Sustaining Friends? Read on to find out how!

ReThink Video


Thank you to a few volunteers and students, we have some lovely videos for the organization:

  ReThink Video 

Rethink Video 2

Contact us


PO BOX 1341

Tallahassee, Florida, 32302

565 East Tennessee Street

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